The Essence of Dizzy Lizzie

Expect the Unexpected

For Liz, her ability to take risks comes from her ability to play.

… Dump monkeys onto the table. Pick up one monkey by an arm. Hook the arm through a second monkey's arm. Continue making a chain. Your turn is over when a monkey is dropped…

Liz is playfully serious about clothes. She combines prints and patterns, detailed stitching and fine tailoring and marries couture to pop culture. 


What happens when you take a Barrel of Monkeys on Safari - the result is a  ¾ sleeve Monkey print Rome shirt! Turn your head to find kittenish Tigers hiding in the grass. What happens when you put Andi Warhol on the Hamptons? Pops of enlarged multi-pink floral patterns suddenly appear.

With a dizzying array of playful prints to choose from, The Rome Shirt will quickly become your wardrobe staple. Feminine and fun, they’re constructed with a tapered waist, cleverly contrasting collars and cuffs, and sweet ribbon detailing along the button line. The Dizzy details are all about keeping clothes joyful without compromising quality!

Her fabrics pop with color and contrasts: wagon wheels, safari animals, frenchies, flowers, giant gold chains and cheeky chinoiserie, all beautifully constructed from a perfect blend of natural fibers with a bit of stretch.

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