Free returns on all orders - Free shipping on orders of 4 or more styles


Start an online return or exchange
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    Visit our return portal to get your free shipping label.

  • Print

    Print the shipping label that you received by email.

  • Ship

    Pack and ship your return.

That's it, you don't need to signup for any services or make new accounts to make a return. Using our online return system makes your return experience simple and secure.

Get help with:

Using the Returns Center
Checkout the Returns Center step by step guide
Instructions for how to make a return
We have an easy to follow list of instructions
The return policy
A bullet pointed list of our return policy
Reaching a human
Contact Lizzie at
You can find information how returns work by reading on


  • An online return portal will become available immediately after you make a purchase.
  • Visit the online return portal and fill in your informatio.n
  • When your return is approved, you will be emailed a shipping label with return authorization info.
  • Having Trouble? Checkout our step by step return portal guide.


  • Print the return shipping label
  • For added security, print an additional copy of the shipping label and place it inside the package in the case that the shipping label is rubbed off the box.
  • If you are unable to print the shipping label, copy the RMA number from it and and write it on a piece of paper placed inside the box before you ship it


  • Pack the items into a box and attach the shipping label
  • You can reuse the box that the items were orginally shipped in if the size is appropriate
  • Drop the package off at any USPS location or hand it off to a driver.